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    I have an old (70-80’s ?) Goodall Startall model #11-716. Powered by a Kohler 16 h.p. single cylinder engine, the machine is manufactured to jump start 12/24 volt vehicle batteries. The unit is in a truck which I recently purchased. The truck was previously owned by a utility company, and used as their fleet service vehicle.

    I have been successful in getting the engine to run quite well, but the generator portion provides zero voltage. The generator is comprised of four separate, old style automobile generators. In addition, there are two solenoids ¬†two resistors, and two, three position switches. ¬†These switches allow for regulated voltage /off/ full voltage. Information is hard to come by on this machine, and I’ve used my limited knowledge and testing abilities to come to the following conclusions.The solenoids, resistors, and switches, all test out to be good. That leaves…..field voltage, which none is present.

    Anyone willing to help me here, will surely be granted a Crown of Magnetized Excitation.


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    If the generator output is zero even when the armature is running, the possible cause could be in the armature or field winding. If you the field voltage is absent, what kind of generator it is, a self-excited or separately excited? If it is self-excited, dismantle the generator and check out its field winding, whether it has been burnt out or connection terminals are disconnected. If it’s separately excited , check out the source that supplies the field winding.

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