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    In centre tapped transformer (12v-0-12v) when i measured voltage between phase to neutral that is 12v,and line to line 24v but line to line voltage was to be zero volts (voltage were 180°opposite to each other between line to neutral) why voltage between line to line not zero?

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    Consider the center tapping point as O,  the upper terminal as A and the lower terminal as B. Now, in a center tapped transformer Voa is 180 degrees out of phase with Vob. But, the Vao and Vob are in phase with each other. So, the voltage between terminals A and B is additive.

    Learn in more details at the following link, where you will understand the addition of AC voltages that are not in same phase and even learn about polarity of AC voltages.  https://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/AC/AC_2.html


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